Types of sewage water treatment plant

Sewage water is the contaminated water coming from the household waste and industrial waste. Treatment of sewage water is to remove the pollutants and contaminants from the water to make it reusable. There are several sewage treatment plant companies in UAE which are doing this treatment to make the water reusable. There are a number of treatments available for this purpose. Click here to check out these treatments:

Activated sludge plant: This plant requires a high maintenance because the parts used in this may break over time due to work load and time and highly professional engineers are needed to check the plant. These engineers should service the plant after every six months to avoid any big loss. Also it will be proved to be more costly as it consumes more electricity than any other plant available in the market. So it is very important to choose the plant vigilantly. Biodigestor, ecodigestor, Vortex, bison and biopure are some good examples of this plant.

Submerged aerated Filters: These are the systems which are now no longer producing and announced as obsolete plants. People having these plants should get rid of it to avoid any inconvenience in future. If people want to retain then these plants have to get serviced after twelve months or half yearly manner because there are some parts used in the plant which are highly fragile that they need to be replaced after every few months. Replacing is important in order to get the desired result from the plant. Acorn, Tricel, Matrix, Auna, Falcon and Jewel are some of the examples of these treatment systems.

There are also several other sewage treatment plants and all of them operate differently. They all need different maintenance handling and also the time priod for service requirement is also different for each treatment plant. When a person wants to buy a treatment plant he has to know about all of these plants are there specifications then he has to compare these specifications with his own requirements then after an extensive study he should select the one which is more near to his desired results. These plants have different capacities to process waste; some have more capacity some have less so it should be noted before buying the plant about what type of and what level of waste should be processed.