Things to know before moving to Montenegro

Montenegro is wonderful place to live. This is bordering with Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Serbia as well as with Kosovo. This country is smaller than Connecticut and the population of this country is approximately 650,000. There are so many benefits to live there. You can also apply for Montenegro citizenship by investment. This country so much benefits to foreign investors including tax benefits, wealth benefits and full residence status. You can easily access to other European countries and can have wonderful unique lifestyle. But there are few things that you should know before moving to Montenegro.

In this article, we are going to discuss about few things that you should aware before leaving your home town.

It can take few months or even years:

This country is not like Canada or other places where you can move easily, if you have good command on English or have other useful skills. This is small country so the Immigration rules and regulations are very strict. US citizens can visit this country for three months without visa, but moving there for permanently is another matter. There are some ways to get permanent residency in Montenegro like:

Work: if you want to do work in Montenegro, you can apply for permanent residence or even temporary work permit for as long as you work with company.

Study: if you want to move there for study, you will able to apply for student residential permit to live in Montenegro.

Marriage: if you want marry in Montenegro, you will be allowed to live in Montenegro permanently.

Buying property: If you want to buy property in Montenegro, you can also apply for permanent residence in Montenegro.

You may difficulty there if you are not familiar with Montenegrin language.

Language gap:

Most of the people in Montenegro c speak English. But this is not everywhere in this country. In small cities and rural areas of Montenegro you may face problem with language. Mostly people speak there in Montenegrin and other related language called Cyrillic. You have to take admission there for local language courses otherwise you have to face language issues in Montenegro.

Schooling Issues in Montenegro:

Well there are few international schools in Montenegro, mostly are located in Podgorcia and in Coast. So if you are working in other city you may face schooling issues for your kids.

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